About Clay Job.com

Clay Consultants was started in 2009 to provide part time jobs. Our main aim was to provide part time jobs to studying youngsters so that they can support their education and thereby taking off a huge load from their parents shoulders and that with full freedom. We have recently come up with this new job portal in order to have workforce so that we can work on large volumes.

The jobs were designed in such a way that homemakers can also increase their family income manifold while sitting at home without facing office problems. Previously we used to hire through newspapers & offline mode & was only limited to our city.

Today, Clay Consultants have got a good name in providing every kind of part time jobs/internet jobs/data entry jobs etc. in all states of India which are suited for everyone from eighteen year old youngsters to retired senior citizens including homemakers and employed professionals. Also we provide part time jobs which are best suited for individuals.

We have a team of Business Development professionals working. Our Client deals in different Sectors such as Recruiting / HR / Biotech / Aviation / Apparels & Few other. We gather leads/reports from our clients in excel & provide it to our associates.

Our Team

Mr Chirag Bhatnagar(Founder & CEO)

Mr Santosh Gupta( VP – Operations) 

Mr Vipin Sharma (Head – Inbound & Outbound Sales)

Please reach our team at feedback@clayjob.com.
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